“I had the pleasure of working with Scott at BatchBlue, where I first met him in his role as a tech blogger and a customer. Scott grew to know the ins and outs of the product so well that we hired him to teach others. As a senior member of our Customer Experience team, Scott […]

“Scott is great to work with. He has an uncanny ability to understand complex and technical subjects and to communicate them in a way that others can easily understand. We often collaborated directly on projects and he was very helpful and would always have good ideas and intelligent suggestions. Scott can think through a problem […]

“Scott is a wonder. He is excellent at what he does, a fabulous work ethic, and great problem solving skills ability. He always takes the time to explain what work he has done and what preventative work that can be done to take your business to the next productive level. As an owner of a […]

“Scott solved my technical headaches and found solutions that work for me. He introduced me to collaboration software, which allowed me to expand my business, and he made the transition easy and painless. I admire and appreciate his ability to take complex problems and reduce them to terms I can understand!” Sandy Roos – Shadow […]

“Scott (almost literally) taught me everything I know at BatchBlue, and he did all of the training virtually as we live in different time zones. He did a lot more than just answer customer service emails; he made sure stuff just worked internally. Our team was always on the same page, and he made sure […]

“Scott combined an understanding of IT with an understanding of people to advance his categories at uBid. He was able to dig in and bring on key vendors, and his insight of the online marketplace allowed him to set proper expectations and maximize returns on the website.” Jon Arendt, Director of Merchandising, (currently Director […]

“Scott was a highly intuitive individual that was able to not only research best product pricing but through his abilities to keep abreast of current technologies he was also key for making product recommendations that went to improving the overall functionality of the products purchased.” Richard Fahey, Voice Technology Manager, Computershare

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