A Facilitator

A facilitator is one who can bring about change. The nature of business is to be fast paced and things can and do move quickly. Defining the desired change is just one part of the process, making things happen and getting things done is often more difficult.

My strong research skills allow me to find out precisely what it will take to accomplish a particular project. Whether that means educating myself, seeking out an individual, team, product or solution, I work tirelessly until the goal is not only accomplished – but accomplished in an outstanding manner. My ability to act as the liaison between diverse entities, such as technology and customer service teams, people and technology or systems and customers, enables me to solve problems and enhance procedures.

Some of the projects I’ve managed include:

  • Migration from legacy email systems to the Google Apps Platform.
  • Numerous web development projects, coordinating clients, designers and development resources.
  • Implementation of live chat services including web site integration, customer service process and documentation.
  • Transition of Customer Service platforms including ticketing, forums and product documentation.

It’s rare when a job description sticks to only one skill set. In today’s workplace, the more varied and diverse one’s talents, the more valuable an employee can be. Bridging the barriers between departments and specialties to bring together a single project is vital to getting things done.

Your business will benefit from my ability to facilitate and manage your projects and systems. I will use my solid research, communication and implementation skills to make your business more efficient and productive.