About Scott

On a more personal note, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. Among the many facets of my personality, you will soon note my quick wit and “off-the-wall” sense of humor. I am a deeply loyal and ethical person, someone who takes my responsibilities very seriously.

I have a long history of working in the technology space. From humble beginnings in catalog PC sales at ElekTek I made stops along the way at PC Mall’s sales teams, training teams and ultimately moving in to purchasing and licensing. This ability to move about where the need was greatest was a tremendous asset to them ultimately having them move me to a new and exciting subsidiary uBid Online Auctions. History repeated there as I moved up the ranks in Purchasing and Merchandising before transitioning to an Operations role managing their external vendor program.

At Computershare Technology Services I was responsible for all Technology purchases for North America. This was a tremendously rewarding experience as I enjoyed helping facilitate the expansion of the business and to bring new and exciting technology to the user group.

Realizing that helping people was a passion, I started my own small business Consultancy. eSeMBe Technical Services worked with clients of all sizes to help them choose and implement technology that helped them run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Through a combination of needs analysis and training we helped bring about useful changes that these businesses used to raise themselves to higher levels of service.

During this time I made a rather fortuitous discovery of a new CRM product called Batchbook, made by a great group of folks in Rhode Island. I started as a customer, covered them in my writing for GigaOM and ultimately joined their team as a member of the Customer Experience group.

For BatchBlue I played many roles. I supported customers via email, assisted new customers with their implementations via personalized Onboarding sessions. I managed projects, wrote and presented webinars, posted on the company blog, created an Experts Program of external consultants and just generally provided help wherever it was needed.

As I move forward, my goal is not to find merely a “job” but rather to find an environment where my skills and talents can be utilized and appreciated. I believe that I have so much to offer the right organization.

My skills and talents, as well as my personal interests run deep into my personality. I have found that they guide my passions, energizing my efforts in life and in my work.

On the personal side, I tend to be a homebody, perfectly content to spend time with my wife and cats. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working on my numerous personal blogs and, not surprisingly, exploring the Internet and playing games online.

Some of my web projects include:

Sensory Dispensary
On Different Strings

Music. There is always music playing in my ears. I listen (nearly continuously) to music. It is a huge passion in my life. I have always had an affinity for the guitar and have taken lessons to learn to play. My tastes are hard to categorize but if you’d like to see what I have been listening to, I’m  a big fan of the Last.fm service which keeps track of all of my listening. It’s music, and statistics about music – seriously. How cool is that?

View my Last.fm profile!

The goal of this site is to present all that is me. All that I can do. All that I can offer you. It is a reflection of my creativity, my problem solving abilities, my writing and technical skills. I hope that you find it interesting and that you can picture me as a part of your organization. If you have read this and you don’t see that, it’s probably not the right fit. However, if this resonates with you, if you ‘get it’ and see what I can bring to your team, contact me and let’s see what happens next.

Scott Blitstein