A Communicator

I think of effective communication as the bridge between people with different skill sets and experiences. I have the ability to build those bridges which connect people with people, ideas and information. This ability makes me a natural at training and translating information from one group to another.


Translating ideas into words is my specialty. I am adept at communicating with people across the spectrum – from non-technical to technical; company to customer. In my role as computer system trainer at ElekTek, I taught employees how to use the computer to enter inventory data. As a technology consultant at eSeMBe, I coached customers on the use of computers, software and peripherals.

At BatchBlue, I conducted webinars on the use of their CRM software, addressing dozens of participants at a time. I also conducted Onboardings, which were personal training sessions conducted one-on-one with customers to address their particular implementation and use of the product.

Team Facilitator

I am adept at putting complex ideas into understandable terms so that they can be easily comprehended by those unfamiliar with the material. Even within an organization, I can explain the technical to those who are less familiar with it so that they gain a workable understanding. In this capacity, I can act as a “technology liaison” to keep the entire team up to speed. I function equally well with technology teams and process and customer-facing teams. My thorough understanding of many technical processes helps me to bridge the gap, often offering suggestions to help the teams work better together.

We know that things work best when communication is efficient. Your business could benefit from my strong communication skills with both colleagues and customers.