Technology Master

I possess an unquenchable curiosity about all things technological. I am primarily self-taught in this area – a tribute to that curiosity and my tenacious nature. Technology doesn’t intimidate me but rather intrigues me and sparks my desire for deeper understanding. If I don’t know something, I will after a few hours of research and hands-on experience. I don’t hesitate to generate my own opinions about technology and I don’t rest until the best solution is discovered and implemented.

In fact, implementation of technology to streamline processes, improve efficiency and facilitate communication and understanding is a specialty of mine. I comprehend enough “techno-speak” to discuss complex issues with programmers and developers, then translate that information into readily-understandable language for the non-technical. My familiarity with technology also enables me to find the most likely solutions quickly and easily.

While I love my Mac I also have a 20 year history with Windows and PCs. I am comfortable and proficient in a wide variety of applications both web based and on the desktop. While not a developer, I can build web sites with Drupal and WordPress and have a working knowledge of html and css. I’m not afraid to dig in to a SQL query or two as well.

Helping people best utilize the tools that they have available is a passion of mine. I have an addiction of sorts to learning how to master the technology that I have available and then passing on that knowledge to others.