A Thinker

Beyond intelligence and facility of learning, there is the cognitive skill of critical thinking. Rather than taking things at face value, critical thinkers have the ability to consider alternate scenarios, which enables more comprehensive understanding, preparation and implementation of projects.

My innate ability to employ critical thinking enables me to see alternative processes, potential problems and more effective solutions in any given project. It’s a skill that helped me to offer a unique perspective in evaluating technology products and software as a contributor for Web Worker Daily. Likewise, critical thinking enabled me to frequently present alternative perspectives and solutions within the Customer Experience Team at Batchbook Software, enabling us to better serve our product’s users.

It’s important to have a member of your organization who thinks uniquely and comprehensively when it comes to creating solutions and establishing processes. It’s a valuable skill that can’t be taught but comes quite naturally to me.

Your business isn’t a “one size fits all” operation. You need my ability to run information through my critical thinking mind to ensure that all contingencies have been considered and all reasonable options explored. While problem solving is also a skill I possess, isn’t it better to do the proper preparations to keep them from becoming problems in the first place?