A Writer

While a picture can express a thousand words, just think of the power a thousand well-crafted words can have at expressing ideas, plans, processes… Words have the power to do so much more than simply communicate; they inform, enlighten and entertain – vital skills as technology grows and interpersonal connections diminish. The written word provides the bridge that keeps the two parts from drifting apart.


Written words come easily, especially when the subject is of interest to me. That’s why I enjoyed writing about technology on GigaOM’s Web Worker Daily Collaboration site. In the capacity of contributor to that blog, I reviewed technology products and services, providing my personal insights as a technology user and small business operator.

Archived GigaOm Posts

I also found great satisfaction writing on the BatchBlue Blog when I worked for that company. The experience provided the opportunity for me to express my passion for the company itself and the product we supported. I found it rewarding to share my experience with using BatchBook with readers and to help reveal the “human side” of our technology company.

Archived BatchBook Posts

Working Documents

One of my strengths has always been distilling a process down to its key components, allowing others to gain a high level insight in to the steps required to perform tasks and understand procedures. Whether it is preparing Frequently Asked Questions for a CRM Product or creating individualized training guides for clients, I am frequently called upon to put these very important ideas together in a way that they can be easily understood by others.

I have experience writing the following types of documents:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Product Tutorials and Training Manuals
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Employee Manuals
  • Internal Process Documentation
  • White Papers

Every company needs a strong writer – someone who can put into words your company’s strengths, mission, goals… I can do that eloquently and in a personable manner – on your blog or wherever you may need. I relish the opportunity to add my voice to expressing your company’s message with the same passion and insight that I’ve employed in these previous positions.